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In Memory Of Pets

Remember your faithful pet In Memory Of Pets is an opportunity to remember a beloved pet. It is possible to link a pet memorial to an existing memorial on This enables people and pets to be remembered together.

Pet memorials are designed to act in remembrance of a departed loved pet. Therefore they are allocated individual pages on the site and can contain as much information as you want (up to about A4 size). It is also possible to add photographs, and a visitors book if required.

Sample Memorial As these pages take time to prepare we do have to make a small charge. There are 3 options - as detailed below:

Memorials - Text & Pictures
Includes text and up to 3 pictures. The maximum size should be approximately equivalent to an A4 page of print.

Memorials - Text & Pictures & Visitors book
Includes text, up to 3 pictures and a Visitors book. The maximum size should be approximately equivalent to an A4 page of print.

Obviously some people may want to create a memorial which may not fit into the categories above. If so, please email an outline of what you would like to us at and we will provide a price.


Memorials - Text & Pictures

Memorials - Text & Pictures & Guestbook

£30 for 2 years

£75 for 2 years

£Email for price

After the initial 2 year period, the cost to renew will be 50% of the original cost - and this will renew the memorial for a further 5 years. is an independent site to InMemoryOf

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