In Memory Of ...
Giuseppe Truddaiu
18th August 1928 – 11th  May 2002

Dad, we know you are still with us all and we too know that one day we will all join you to celebrate our united reunion.

There isn't a day that goes by, without use talking and you being in our thoughts. Dad, infact, next to you, you have a fellow friend called Joe. Mum is tending to the garden very well; this keeps mum occupied throughout the day. Dad, this Christmas will be hard for use all so can you pray that the New Year won’t be as hard on us. Kim did all she could to stop this happening and I personally know that you being a fighter, you did all you could to
stop this happening.

Dad, I see you on most nights in my dreams, you seem to be having a fantastic time there. Please plant a flower of hope that we all meet some day to tell tales of what we and especially you have been up to.

Never ever shall we forget the best dad that ever was.


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