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Gerald Kilbride "STAN"
West Midlands, UK-Carpenter
17th January 1925 – 2nd August 2003

Stan I love you. You will always be my sunshine man. Thank you for spending the last years of your life with me. I'm sorry we never got to do the things we wanted to.

You led a full life not always the best of times, but you never lost yoursense of fun.

I do know how much you where loved. I do know how much you loved me. I will never stop. I loved your strength, your sense of self, and your Independence. To have some one like you in my life as made me stronger. Even though I feel pretty empty right now with out you.

I made a promise to you some years ago I never broke it. I will make another now to you. I will never let you go. You will always be with me. I hope that you are now in the peace you needed and that you are reunited with your Beloved wife Violet. May you both be happy once again?

I will miss you so much. I will miss your sense of fun, your laughter, and cheekiness. I know you loved me. The cat is still sitting on the window ledge waiting for you to come home.

And I still say I grew the best beans.

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