Iris Sylvia Brown

28th October 1929 - 25th June 2002

Iris Sylvia Canning was born on the 28th October 1929 in India. Iris had two sisters, Ruby and Violet (Taj). Iris grew up and her family moved to England. Iris’s father died in South Africa, while Iris was still young, her mother then became too ill to look after her, and Iris and her sisters went to live with cousins, Mr & Mrs Green.

Iris left school and became an auxiliary nurse, she was a very lively girl, full of laughter.

Iris then in January 1950 had a son and called him William.

As time progressed Iris met a man called Archie Brown, they fell in love and got married. Iris then had 9 more children, they were called Steven, Philip, Rosemary, Julia, Andrew, Angela, Douglas, Christopher and Margaret.

Iris’s and Archie worked hard and brought up their children. Some of their children left home to live with their partners, and others got married. They were both very pleased when then they started to become Grandparents, then suddenly without warning in 1984 Archie died, leaving Iris to cope on her own.

Iris lived for her family, and continued taking care of the of her grown up children that were left at home.

Iris continued to have more Grandchildren, and even started having Great Grandchildren.

Then as time went on Iris’s health deteriorated, but refusing to give up, she struggled on, and ignored her problems and pains.

By now Iris only had two sons left at home, Philip and Douglas.

Eventually things got too much for Iris, she just couldn’t cope anymore and had to give in. With this her Daughter Margaret and her family moved in to help her and the boys left at home.

Margaret took care of all her mum’s needs day and night, Iris was so very grateful for what Margaret did, Iris didn’t see much of her family as the were always busy. But her daughter Margaret and her family, and also her two sons Philip and Douglas comforted Iris.

As Iris deteriorated it got to the point where she could not longer stay at home and was admitted to Reading's, Royal Berkshire Hospital on 23rd June 2002, her children Margaret, Douglas, William and his wife Zoe.

On 24th June, Margaret, William and his wife Zoe, went to see Iris and was told that Iris was dying and did not have much time left. They called the family in, and they all stayed by her side as long as they could, and then went home. Iris’s two Granddaughters Laura and Sarah stayed by her bedside, and sadly with Laura and Sarah by her bedside, in the early hours of the morning of 25th June 2002, after a very long struggle, Iris gave her last breath and died.

Iris is now reunited with her husband Archie after their long separation.

Iris was a lovely person, who gave her all for her family, which she loved so very much.

Sleep-Tight, and rest in peace Mum, you deserve it.

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