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George Lambton Street
1920 - 1985


I had known George since childhood; we were second cousins. He was born in Kiveton Park, a small mining village in Yorkshire. George was the sixth child of eight children and was named after a successful racehorse trainer called George Lambton, who when hearing of this sent his young namesake a fur coat.

George went to work down "the Pit" at Kiveton Park starting on his 14th birthday. When World War 2 broke out coal mining became a reserved occupation and George worked in the mine throughout the war. This coalmine, like many others, no longer exists. He married me, Doreen, in 1941 at All Saints Church, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, where I was living with my parents.

Our son Roger and daughter Diane were born in Yorkshire, then in 1948 we moved to Bromsgrove where we spent the rest of our married life of 42 years.

Our children presented us with 5 grandsons, Mark, Simon, Ian, Stuart and Martin, who were the apples of "Grandad George's" eye.

George was a hardworking family man with a wicked sense of humour. If you were in his company a laugh was never far away.

He will always be remembered by all those who loved him, sometimes with a tear but more often with a smile.

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