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Sheila Lattey
2.11.1930 - 27.4.1999

Hi Mrs L, Just thought I'd say 'Hello'. Sara is still missing you and always will. She would have loved you to be at the wedding last month - but you were remembered anyway. Mark x
Mark <>
Worcester, July 19th 2003

Sara, I have many fond memories of your mother, she was a wonderful woman and kinder to me than I ever deserved,I know how much you must miss her, my father also died in April 1999, and I know the huge hole it leaves in your life........
Tef <>
Stratford on Avon, 15/10/01
Two years ago today, you left us. Not a day goes by without our remembering you. Sara still cries at night because she misses you so much. I hope you were aware just how much you were loved. We know you loved Daisy because you were able to spend time with her and we know that you would have cherished Ruth just as much. She reminds me of you.
Thinking of you.


Mark <>
Worcester, 27.04.01
Thankyou, Sara. We have just met your father, and now we have had the privilege of knowing something of your mother. What a fine person she was. We are so sorry that we didn't have the opportunity of knowing her.
Margaret and Hugh Morrison
well i have two memorials up under Rogers and reading yours it seems so Father Terry died very suddenwe had no time to say goodbye. but i will like you cherish the time before and also like you he was so special to me like your mother was to you. may your family and mine overcome our sadness and live once more happy. godbless, jon
jonathan <>
Eltham, London, 02-06-00
best wishes,we were very fond of sheilawish you all well.
Joan and Jimmy James <>
Hartley Wintney, 16.5.00
i never knew your mother, but i lost my father in 1990, and i can tell you that your mothe will always be in your heart, and while she is there, you will always be able to feel her. may the lord bless you.
Zoe-ann Hamilton <zoe-ann'>
Reading, 15/5/2000
You are too modest Sara - how about author's name - it is a lovely tribute and very moving -well done. C.
Cleland <>
6 May 2000
Well Mrs L, it's been a year now since you left us - it's gone so fast. Sara talks about you every day, and tells Daisy & Ruth what a kind, caring and generous person you were. We'll always miss you and remember you.Thinking of you ... Mark
Mark <>
Worcester, 27.4.00
A year ago today we were all told you had terminal cancer. I thought you'd have six months, but you actually only had 6 weeks. How it went so fast! I only wish we could have you back just one more time, so that we could all say goodbye again. And give you the Big Hug that you so deserved. I hope you're sleeping peacefully.
She is in Heaven
Lisboa, 30-01-2000
i don't know her but she looks so lovely... i am sure god loves her and keep in the heaven..
cathie <>
ankara/turkey, 11.01.2000
I may not have known your mother, but what i have just read brought her to life and allowed her kindness to shine again. I hope that your future is as bright as her past
neil <>
In the Heaven, may you sleep peacefully.

Thinking of you. Miss you.
sara, Nov 1999

Missing you, Mum.
Birmingham, Nov 1999