In Memory Of ...

Stephanie Wilson
aka Blossom
London,UK-Interior Design
10th January 2003


In loving memory of Blossom, our dear friend and fellow Trivia
House player. You will live on in our hearts and not be easily forgotten. We
Love you!!



by: Lindsay Booker

The words I want cannot be found my mouth wont open or
utter a sound my joints are shaking muscles weakening but god if you hear me
tell me her soul you are keeping.

It's all so sudden so strange and frightining all the while my soul is
tightening stangled by my thought and tears my heart is weakened by my fears

But as I cry and sob in pain only memories will remain the times she laughed, the times she cried the times she sat there by my side.

My eyes are glazed my mind is dazed its all unclear now that she's not here
but even though she's gone away in my heart she'll always stay.

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