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Jamie Christine Portell
23rd March 1987 - 4th October 2002

Jamie was the best! She attended Haines City High (a sophmore).

She always tried to keep people out of trouble, she was talented, beautiful, and I just wish that she was alive right now... she lived in Davenport Florida... I just want to wish her good luck in heaven... we love you and miss you Jamie!

Here's a poem to Jamie!

Jamie, your smile is like the sunset, it shines so beautifully.
Your face is like the glory and grace you brought into our lives.
No one expected you to leave us and join the angels,
but God wanted your beautiful face and sweet-caring self by his side.

And that person who loved you the most was your guide.
We miss and love you and want you back,
but that's against God's rules we can't do that.
Although if I only knew you, I'd tell you anything you wanted to know.
You were only 15, why'd you have to go?
I saw you tonight in your casket, you were so peaceful.
I wish I could see your beautiful face now, but there's no way no how.
You never deserved to die, everytime I think of you and what happend that friday night it makes me cry.
So, good-luck in heaven and tell the angels I said hi.
These are my words to you, we love you and good-bye.

Love forever and always, Christina Whitt

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