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Ricky Bernard Hall
9 December 1962 - 31 October 2002

Ricky Bernard Hall was born December 9, 1962 to the Parentage of Leartis and Doris Hall. He graduated from Oak Grove High School in Rosston, AR. His mother, one brother and one son preceded him in death. He accepted Christ at an early age at the Clevet Springs Baptist Church.

After moving to Dallas, he accepted employment with First Transit in Garland, Texas where he was employed for 10 years. Ricky was a caring man him. He will be missed by his fellow co-workers and his passengers.

He will be missed by his loving father, his wife, sisters, brothers, children, nieces, nephews, aunt, uncles, cousins and friends. His loving memories will be cherished forever.

He's Free I knew you had to go away
It was your time you see
But I didn't take the time to face
That you were leaving me.

You weren't afraid of dying
For you knew what lay in store
In the blinking of an eye
Or the closing of a door.

You shared with us a journey
That only you could see
And helped us understand God's way
As it was meant to be.

Life had so restricted you
Your spirit is now free
To go explore the universe
For all eternity.

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