In Memory Of ...
Danielle Louise Evans
16th March 1982 - 14th April 1982

You went so sudden,
And left me so alone,
With arms so empty,
And a silence so great.
My breasts full of milk,
Ached for your mouth.
Your cot stood forlornly,
The music had stopped.
My heart was in pieces,
I felt my world gone,
I wanted to follow you,
But knew I could not,
I just had to let you go on alone,
So far apart.
Now as the years have gone,
I reaslise your near,
That you never left me,
That you are still in my heart.
I know that your happy,
And want me to be so,
So for you my darling baby,
I will let the tears dry,
And be joyous of life.
I still will always miss you,
Until we meet again,
My love is with you now and always.

Shirley Evans


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