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James Wesley DeLee
October 7, 1961 - January 13, 2003

Wesley was the love of my life. With the short time we had together, he gave the love I have always needed, but never had. The hole in my heart that I feel now that he is gone, has no words to describe. Wesley will always be in my heart and soul and it doesn't matter how much time passes by I will always carry him with me. The love he gave me was so, so special for me. I thank God he gave us the short time that we did have together. And I know for a fact that one day I will see my beloved Wesley again.

The good Lord took Wesley with him at the young age of 41 years old. My Wesley has a sudden massive heart attack in his sleep. I pray that he knows how much he was loved by me and how crazy I was over him. He was everything to me and the future plans we had was just beginning, our dreams of living in the woods in our log cabin home, with our pond, the grandchildren we would watch playing in the yard while Wesley and I sit on our front porch so proud and happy to have each other in our older years. Those dreams will come true. I will make them, somehow? Though I won't have my beloved Wesley on our porch in body, I will have him in heart and soul. I will make our dreams come true, it will always be our dream and it will named after Wesley and I. We only had 6 months before we had planned to marry. It breaks my heart to know that day will never come, but in my heart I will always be his loving wife, forever.

Rest in Peace my Love
I Love You Now and Forever!

Our Nicknames for each other:
My Little man: Wesley
Baby fat: Jeanne

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