In Memory Of ...

Michelle Suzanne Comeaux
26 February 1967 - 19 January 1968

Michelle was the second of five children and our only daughter. At the age of 10 months, 23 days she had an upper respiratory infection. She suffered a seizure, went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. I gave her mouth to mouth resusitation as my neighbor drove us to the emergency room.

When we arrived, doctors took her from my arms and that was the last time I saw my baby alive. The doctors worked on her for six agonizing hours but to no avail. My precious baby daughter was gone. She had been taken home to God, leaving her Father and I devastated.

I will forever wonder what her life would have been like. Would she look like me, would she be married and have children?

When God took her away from us, He took a large piece of our hearts with her. She is forever precious, forever young...and always missed.

All My Love, My Littlest Angel...

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