In Memory Of ...

Gerald James Comeaux
5 March 1968 - 6 September 1970

Jerry died of aplastic anemia. Aplastic anemia damages the bone marrow to the point where it will no longer produce red blood cells. Without healthy, red blood cells, we cannot fight off the simplest of infections.

Since Jerry's illness involved the production of red and white blood cells, he had to endure many bone marrow tests. I can remember my husband and I standing in the hallway of the hospital, listening to our little boy scream in agony. Although, they could deaden his skin, once they reached the bone, Jerry felt everything. His screams haunted us for a very long time.

Our son fought the good fight but in the end, he lost. He was taken home to God on Sept. 6, was Labor Day. For us, it felt like the end of the world!

Forever Precious, Forever Young...Forever Missed!

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