In Memory Of ...

Andrew Dewar Christie
29 April 1926 - 09 March 2001.

My Father.

Over the past eighteen months my father and I have become more than father and daughter, my father has become my friend.

He passed away after years of illness and pain, now the pain is all mine. Things I haven't thought about for year seem to enter my mind, good times and bad. I feel lost.

I again want more than ever to go for a run in the car with him to our favorite places. I know this can never be, but I also know he is with me every breath I take, every time I look into my daughters eyes I see everything that makes being here worth the struggle life sometimes is.

I try to think of my dads lifetime rather than his death I find this of some comfort so in my heart dad you are and always will be with me.

I love you Pops.


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