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Emily Florance Abery
12 January 1912 - 28 September 2000

On 12 January 1912, Emily Florance Illsley was born, she grew up a loving and livley girl, always getting into everything she could, she lived on her parents farm. At 18 she met Cecil Edward Abery, and they fell in love, in August 1931 they got married, and their family became complete when in December 1932 Emily gave birth to a baby boy, they called him William, and then again in April 1937 Emily gave birth to another baby boy and they called him Alan.

The family were very happy together, then in 1955 Emily's husband Cecil died in his sleep, Emily found life very hard coping without her husband, but she had strength and was detirmined to continue bringing up her two boys on her own.

Her son William got married first but the marriage did not last and he got divorced. Emily was always there giving strength and support.

In October 1957 Emily's son Alan got married, and gave her, her first grand child on 30th december 1959, a beautiful girl they named Fay. Fay was Emily`s pride and joy, she doted on her, then on 2nd December 1961, Alan gave Emily a grandson. Emily was so happy with he family, they meant everything to her. On 10th January 1964, Alan gave Emily another grand daughter, and they named her Zoe. Emily thought her family was complete until in September 1970 and 1971 William and his partner gave Emily andther two grand daughters.

This was Emily's family and she was there for them, she was the backbone of the family. Emily continued to become a Great grandmother 23 times and even a Great great grand mother 5 times.

Emily became frail and could not take care of herself, so she went into a home, but still tried to be independent.

Then sadly in April 1990, Emily`s youngest son Alan died of cancer, Emily found it hard to come to terms with the loss of her youngest son. Then in June 1997 Emily's oldest son William died. Emily was so distraught, to lose both her sons and her husband, seemed more than anyone could take. Emilys family driffted away from her, she only saw her grand daughter Zoe, which broke her heart, she loved and lived for her family. Emily was such a lovley person. The owners, and staff of the home she was in, felt and treated her as if she was their family, and this gave Emily a new lease of life.

The in August 2000 Emily had a fall and was sent into hospital, where they discoverd fracture, which Emily never seemed to be able to recover from, and after 7 1/2 weeks, with Zoe by her side Emily passed away peacefully in her sleep on Thursday, 28th September 2000.

We had such a special relationship nan, I love you so much, I wish you did'nt have to die, but I knew you`d had enough and just wanted to be with your husband and two sons. I will always miss you and never ever forget you. I love you too dearly to forget you, your life is a beautiful memory. Your absence my silent grief. I miss you so much.

Goodnight, Sleep tight Sweetheart.

Love Zoe
x x x x

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