for Hubert Victor Stallabrass
1904 - 1998

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Hubert Victor Stallabrass
1904 - 1998

I like your tribute to Grandpa Stallabrass. I never met him but, after reading your memorial I feel like he has enriched my life in some way. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.
Bob Nelson <>
Nottingham, June 25, 2003
in memory of my dear grandma mary watt. it broke my heart to say goodbye, i try so hard not to cry, the pain in my heart is ther to stay i think about you every day. very sadly missed
sharlene cheyne <>
aberdeen, 19.02.03
thinking of you every minute of the day, i miss you terribly. everyday is a step closer to you.
rebecca <>
hove, 10/08/2002
Just checking google search and typed in my maiden name. I see that my first cousin, Jenny, from Cheltenham, has been in touch. Not a common surname, any connection? My father, James Robert Stallabrass, immigrated to Canada in 1952. Please be in touch. Anne
Anne Launcelott <>
Halifax, 19 April, 2002
Hubert always loved a good joke but hated bad ones.....He was always funnier than anybody else.....We still smile....we always will.
Birmingham, UK, 13.06.2001
Where are you from?
Albert Stallabrass <>
Colombia, 02/04/2000
I too sneeze really really loud & Genny Stallabrass the previous entrant is my Auntie, maybe there is some family link, somewhere along the line!
Karen Stallabrass <Karen@Learmouth.Com>
Swindon, 30/08/2000
My Grandfather, who died many years ago, sounds so similar, I wonder if we are related somehere along the line. He came from Brentford, although our origins were in Cambridgeshire. Anyway, he sounds a smashing guy and I'm sure you still miss him.
Genny Stallabrass <>
Cheltenham, 18.8.2000
Just to let you know you have a new great grandson, Gabriel, born to Paul and Tara on Wednesday 2 August 2000. He is beautiful.
Veronica Henry <honeycote@gpanet>
Bromsgrove, 10.8.2000
I wish somebody would tell us the rabbit story.
Leeds, 10 June 2000
You would have loved the cup final yesterday - Chelsea won! Fond memories and love as ever.
newbury, 21.05.2000
Thank you for your message. However please do not believe everything you read in the press
Peter <>
UK, 7 May 2000
I miss him already - although I've never met him... RIP
Carl Banks <>
Louisville, 11-1-00
I remember the story of the rabbit at the dinner table !
Denise and Andy Jefferson <>
Clent, 09/01/00
Grandpa, Christmas and the family gathering were not the same without you - we all missed your presence. "Gone but never forgotten" from all at SHE
Miles Henry <>
Newbury, 09/01/00
Having lost my own grandfather on new years eve I share your pain and loss. Yet it is only by savouring the fond memories that we hold within us that our loved ones can live on.