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Grace Rogers
1912 - 2000

my thoughts are with you, grace sounded like a wonderful person.
Name: zoe abery    E-Mail:
Town, Country: reading    Date: Sat Oct 2 20:56:38 2004

Gran, your birthday is coming up on the 25th and you would have been 92 years old. still all the time that you was with us you gave us joy. i will always remember you as you were a truly great grandma. once again gran my deepest love to you. speak soon. goodnight godbless.
Name: Jonathan    E-Mail:
Town, Country: Eltham London, England    Date: Sat Sep 11 20:23:47 2004

hello gran...been a long time since my last write, miss you so very much along with Granddad and all the others. I do miss sneaking the odd doughnut into you in the home. but fond memories are and always will be there. had many get togethers with all the family. been speaking to Marcia about the old days. what a hard working lady you was and what you went through during the war. you were so very brave gran. you are the best gran and hope that one day we will all be together once more...lots of everlasting love your grandson Jonathan goodnight godbless
Name: Jonathan    E-Mail:
Town, Country: London England    Date: Thu Mar 20 22:22:14 2003

hello gran...i thought that i would write and let you know that i havn't forgotten you one bit. alongside dad who is in my thoughts daily, you are there also. you were a very special grandma, you had a good life with your family, and through the troubled times you alway's came through it. in the many years that you were around you had respect. dearest gran i do hope that you are happy where ever you may be, and alongside dad and Granddad, monica and all other family members keep safe...your ever devoted grandson jonathan...goodnight godbless
Name: Jonathan    E-Mail:
Town, Country: London England    Date: Thu Jan 24 22:51:12 2002

my dear old gran...although its been several months since you was taken away from us, i feel as though you was here a week ago. you cheered me up when i was down and made me laugh. your love of doughnuts and sweets still brings a smile to my face.i do miss you so much gran, i know i can't turn the clock back, but i hope that you are with dad and all the rest waiting for us all to join you...keep safe. goodnight god bless.jonathan.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Name: jonathan    E-Mail:
Town, Country: Eltham, London    Date: Wed Aug 30 22:09:51 2000

hello gran, hope you are well up therelook after yourself...your ever loving grandson jonathan
Name: jon rogers    E-Mail:
Town, Country: eltham    Date: Fri Jun 2 23:18:43 2000